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Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriage / Deputy Superintendent Registrar

Salary details: £ - £

Registrars Office, Town Hall, Ripley
Salary details
Grade 8 £15,612.96 - £16,697.64
Job term
Part Time
Appointment type
21 hours per week
Closing Date
02 June 2024

We are looking to recruit a reliable, enthusiastic, and pro-active individual who excels in customer service, to become a part time Registrar of Births, Deaths, Marriages, and Civil Partnerships/Deputy Superintendent Registrar, based at Ripley.

The successful candidate must be experienced in the law and practice of registration matters and able to undertake the full range of duties as required in the provision of The Registration Acts, including all associated tasks, and must also support and deputise for the Superintendent Registrar.

This is a very interesting public facing role which requires the postholder to manage all aspects of statutory registration work in a professional, confident, and sensitive manner at significant life defining and emotional moments of people’s lives.

The core hours will be worked on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays but the post holder will also be required to work some additional hours on Saturdays, Sundays, and Bank Holidays, to assist in delivering the very busy ceremony programme.

If they do not form part of your normal working hours, enhanced rates of pay will apply for weekend and Bank Holiday hours worked.

There are certain disqualifications for appointment to Registration Service posts, please see below:

  • Disqualifications An un-discharged bankrupt and/or a person to whom a moratorium period under a Debt Relief Order applies, or who is the subject of a debt relief restrictions order or an interim debt relief restrictions order;
  • A person who is or has been during the 12 months preceding the date on which the appointment is to take effect, a member of the council or of a committee of the council having duties in relation to the appointment of registration officers;
  • An officer or servant, other than the clerk or deputy clerk, of a local authority employed by them in the performance of duties relating to their functions as a burial authority;
  • A person holding office as an authorised person, secretary (for marriages) of a synagogue or registering officer of the Society of Friends;
  • A minister of religion, a medical practitioner, a midwife, an undertaker or other person concerned in a burial or cremation business, a person engaged in any business concerned with life insurance, or a person engaged in any other calling which would conflict with or prevent the proper performance in person of the duties of the office for which he is a candidate;
  • As superintendent registrar, if holding office as a registrar; A registrar, if holding office as a superintendent registrar or is a coroner.

The job may require unsocial hours working including weekends and Bank Holidays. Payment arrangements will be detailed in any contract offer made.

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