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Frequently asked questions

First of all, you need to register. Once you have registered you will be able to enter your personal details, apply for jobs online and receive email alerts when relevant vacancies are advertised.

You only need to register once (if you have already registered an error message will appear). If you have forgotten your username and/or password click on the ‘Forgotten Password’ link on the right hand side of the screen.

How do I register?

To register, click on the ‘Register’ link on the right hand side of the screen and fill in your personal details. Enter a meaningful username and password that you will remember. Once you have entered your details, click on the ‘Register’ button at the bottom of the page.

It is important that you enter your home address and email address as these are used by the system to generate correspondence.

How important is it to keep my registration details up to date?

All correspondence generated from the system uses details from your registration. Letters are produced using your name and address and confirmation of your application receipt and email alerts use your email address. Therefore, it is important that you keep your details up to date.

Tip: Amending the personal details on your application form, such as your name, address and email, will automatically update your registration. Additional information such as employment history or qualifications does not automatically change your registration. These need to be updated independently.

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How do I cancel my registration?

Log in, using your username and password. Click on ‘Edit your details’ and then the ‘Delete your entire details/close registration' link.

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Why do I need to enter my employment history, qualifications and membership of professional bodies in my registration BEFORE I apply online?

This will ensure your details are pre-populated in each application form you complete. If you update them after starting to apply online, the changes will not pre-populate the form.

To alter this information click on ‘Edit details’ on your home page link and you will be able to add and amend:

  • Employment history

  • Membership of professional bodies

  • Educational and professional training

  • General details such as name, home address and email address.

How do I add my education details?

It may not be necessary for you to input all of your education details individually. It is possible to aggregate the same qualifications under one entry, providing they were all taken at the same time and at the same establishment. For example:

Establishment Name:- Highfields School
Qualification Name:- GCSE Maths, English & Science
Grade:- A,A & B respectively
Date qualification obtained:- 2006
Start Course/Training Date:- 2005
Start Course/Training Date:- 2006

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How do I search for job vacancies?

Use the ‘Search for jobs’ link on the left hand side of the screen, find the job you are interested in by using the advance search criteria and click on the post title of the relevant job. For further details about the job, click on ‘Job description’ and ‘Person specification’ links near the bottom of the page.

Please note that the correspondence attached to specific vacancies such as the job description and person specification will automatically disappear after the closing date. You may therefore wish to save these documents in the event of you being invited to interview.

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How can I be alerted about jobs?

You can set up an email alert for our vacancies and any of our partner organisations. Log in, using your username and password, before clicking on ‘Add new e-mail alert’ link on the homepage. You may add up to five different email alerts. Enter a name for your email alert and select the criteria you require, such as salary and occupational group, then click on the ‘Save’ button. The system will send you an email daily when any matching vacancies are put onto the website.

Please note: If selecting a specific salary value for your email alerts, you will be notified of any jobs achieving the minimum salary value specified. E.g. If you set your email alert to receive jobs at £30k and a job was advertised at £25-£30k you would not be alerted of this job as the criteria works on the minimum salary value.

Tip: your email address in your registration is used to send out alerts, so it is important that you keep your registration details up to date.

How do I delete my job alerts?

Log in, using your username and password. Scroll down to the ‘Email Alerts’ section. You will see a list of the email alerts you have set up. Click on the ‘Dustbin’ icon next to the alerts you want to delete.

I do not appear to have received any job alerts.

Ensure you have set up an email alert on your homepage (see relevant question above). Ensure your registration details reflect your current email address. Check in your spam/junk folder in your computer. You may have a filtering system set up on your personal computer/laptop/phone that will not accept our email alerts.

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How do I apply online?

Log in to the system using your user name and password. Search and click onto the job you're interested in. Click on 'Apply for job online' at the bottom of the screen and the application form will open for you to complete.

How long do I have to submit my application form?

The job details will specify the closing date. You must have submitted your application by midnight on the closing date.

Do I need to complete my application in one go?

You do not need to complete all of the sections in one go. You can complete part of the form and come back to it at a later date to enter further details. Each page of information is saved by clicking the 'next' button at the bottom of each page.

Tip: the previous button will take you to the previous page without saving changes that you have made on the current page. To make sure your changes are saved, click on the next button before going back.

How do I access my part completed application?

Log into the system using your user name and password to access your homepage. Part way down the page you will be able to view ‘incomplete applications’.

Tip: If you do not submit your application before the closing date, this part completed application will be moved into the section ‘applications not completed in time’. You will not be able to submit the application after the closing date.

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Can I copy an existing application form?

Previously completed application forms cannot currently be copied. However, you can use the copy and paste function to copy details over from one application to another.

I cannot move on to the next section in my application form.

All fields marked with a * are mandatory and have to be completed before the system will allow you to go to the next page.

Tip: If a section is not applicable to you then type in ‘None’. Please ensure that all details on the application form are correct.

Will there be enough space for me to complete my experience details?

The experience section will expand according to capacity and will accommodate approximately 10 extra pages of text. In the unlikely event of your application exceeding this amount, please send as a Word attachment to Please ensure you state that this supplements your online experience submission and detail your name, job title of the post you are applying for and its job reference number.

Can I print off my application before I submit?

The only way of printing off your information prior to submission is to print off each page individually. This can be done by right clicking and choosing the print option.

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Submitting your application.

Once you have clicked on the 'Next' button on the last page your application will be submitted to us and you will be unable to amend it. If you do not want to submit the application form at this stage click on the 'Close' button on the last page.

I have incorrectly submitted my application form.

Unfortunately you cannot submit another application form for the same job reference number. If there are minor amendments you can email , detailing your name, any amendments and the job reference number of the post you have applied for. We will ensure a note of the corrections are submitted together with the online submission.

Alternatively, we can send you a Word document of the application form for you to complete and return prior to the closing date.

Can I view and print off my application after I have submitted it?

Yes. Log into the system using your user name and password. Part way down the page you will be able to view and print ‘completed applications’. When you click on the job title your application can be viewed at the end of the document (where you will see a print button).

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How will I know you have received my application?

Once you have submitted your completed application the system will automatically send you a confirmation of receipt by email. The system will use your email address stored within your registration details, so please ensure this is kept up to date.

What if I do not receive confirmation that you have received my application?

Check your registration to ensure that you have entered your email address correctly. Check in your spam/junk folder in your computer/phone.You may have a filtering system set up that will not accept our emails.

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When will I hear if I have an interview?

If you have not been offered an interview within four weeks of the closing date, please assume that on this occasion you have not been successful. If you are not offered an interview, we hope you will apply for other posts that interest you in the future.

Appointing officers will only provide feedback to unsuccessful applicants on request. Please contact stating your name, along with the job title and reference of the post you applied for.

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I am having problems with my computer and I am not making progress with the online submission.

If you need any technical support email at and we will answer your query as soon as possible.

If you are still having problems please email or telephone 01283 595789 to discuss possible alternatives with our HR team.

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