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Employees appointed to posts with North East Derbyshire District Council may be eligible to apply for certain grants and/or allowances under this scheme as follows.

In order to qualify for assistance under the scheme the employee must:

  • have accepted a permanent job with the Council and this must be the primary reason for moving to the area.

  • move within a year of commencing employment, unless the employee can prove that the delay was beyond their control.

  • live more than 25 miles from the NEDDC offices (using the shortest route).

  • produce documentary evidence of owning or renting a property before claims are reimbursed.

  • move to a property within 25 miles of the NEDDC offices.

Requirement to Repay

Assistance is provided under the Scheme subject to employees undertaking to remain with NEDDC for a minimum period of two years. If an appointment is terminated within two years of the employee taking up his/her post, for any reason other than redundancy, retirement or death in service, the Council will require repayment proportionate to the number of completed months of service.


The elements of the scheme are as follows, subject to a maximum total claim of £6,000:-

(a) Removal Expenses

The authority will reimburse the actual cost of removal based on the lowest of three tenders (although the employee may engage a preferred contractor provided the difference in cost is paid by the employee).

(b) Professional Fees

The authority will reimburse 100% of agreed legal fees, estate agents fees and survey fees for the sale of the employee's existing home and for the purchase of a new property.

(c) Storage

The employee may also claim against the costs involved with the storage of household goods (including insurance of these) prior to moving house.

(d) Disturbance Allowance

A disturbance allowance of up to £1,000 may be available as a contribution towards the miscellaneous expenses incurred in moving residence, for example the purchase of new carpets, curtains etc. This allowance is also available to those employees referred to in paragraph 2 above, who choose to rent a property instead of buying.

(e) Temporary Arrangements

(i) In cases specifically approved by a Service Director, temporary accommodation may be made available in a Council property for a maximum period of six months, to enable permanent accommodation to be found. The rent payable will be the same as the rent that would be charged to a Council tenant for the use of that property (but see (ii) below). The tenancy will not be a secure tenancy for the purposes of the Housing Act 1985.

(ii) If an employee elects to move to a rented property other than that offered under paragraph (i) above, then any rent will be the responsibility of that employee (but see (iii) below).

(iii) However, in recognition of the fact that some officers may be maintaining two properties, the Deputy Chief Executive (Services) may authorise a payment of up to £50.00 per week towards the additional expenses incurred during the first six months after taking up appointment.

(iv) In addition, those officers maintaining two properties may also claim public transport rates from their place of work to their former residence and return once per week for a period of up to six months after their appointment.

(v) Those officers intending to relocate but in the meantime travelling daily from their former residence to their place of work may claim public transport rates in respect of each day worked, up to a maximum of £50.00 per week for a period of up to six months after their appointment.

NB All the allowance listed above will be subject to reduction by any other allowances which may be received in connection with the same move, eg where a partner also receives a removal allowance.


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