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The Council seeks continuously to review its policies and procedures in line with developments in legislation and case law. The following is a list of current policies:

  • Employment General

  • Equal Opportunities

  • Employee Development

  • Work life Balance

  • Health and Safety at Work

  • Miscellaneous

  • Smoking at Work

  • Employment - General

    • Capability Procedure

    • Casual and Temporary Employees

    • Code of Conduct

    • Disciplinary Procedure and Rules

    • Grievance Procedure

    • IT Usage

    • Probationary Procedure

    • Redeployment Policy

    • Redundancy Policy

    • Sickness Absence Management

    • Sickness Capability

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    Equal Opportunities

    Equalities are a high priority for North East Derbyshire District Council both as an employer and in the way services are delivered to the community. We wish to encourage a corporate culture based on trust and mutual respect where people value each other and treat each other with dignity.

    To value diversity and address all forms of discrimination throughout our area, the Council will ensure equality of access to employment and services and also ensure unfairness at work is eliminated and will mainstream equality into all policies and practices.

    • DDA - Guidance notes for employees

    • Equalities Policy (copy enclosed with pack)

    • Harassment Policy

    • Reporting of Racist Incidents

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    Employee Development

    The Council is committed to the Training and Development of all employees in order to maximise their potential and to meet the present and future needs of the organisation.

    The Employee Development and Performance Review Scheme gives all employees the opportunity to identify relevant training needs to meet personal and business objectives.

    The Council recognises the importance of the continuous development of its employees and is please to have retained the Investors in People Standard.

    • Employee Development and Review Scheme

    • Secondment Scheme

    • Training and Development Policy

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    Work Life Balance

    As an equal opportunities employer, the Council recognises that employees have needs and commitments outside the organisation, and is committed to helping accommodate those needs, whilst meeting service requirements, by means of a constantly developing range of policies.

    • Adoption Scheme

    • Career Break Scheme

    • Carers Leave

    • Flexible Working Hours

    • Job Share

    • Maternity Information Pack (including Parental Leave)

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    Health and Safety at Work

    • Aids

    • Alcohol and Substance Misuse

    • Health and Safety Policy

    • Management of Stress at Work

    • Physical or Verbal Abuse

    • Violence to Employees

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    • Complaints Procedure

    • Confidential Reporting Policy

    • Fraud and Corruption - Steps to Prevent

    • Resettlement Scheme (Copy enclosed with pack)

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    Smoking at Work

    The Council accepts the overwhelming evidence of a link between smoking and risks to health and has adopted a comprehensive ‘No Smoking’ policy in order to comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act. With the exception of licensed bars, smoking is not allowed in any Council building, site cabin or Council vehicle.

    The Council recognises and accepts its responsibilities as an employer for providing a safe and health workplace and working environment for all its employees.

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