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  • Decisions about who will be selected for interview will be based only on the information you give on your application form. Therefore, application forms should be filled in as completely and as clearly as possible.

  • False or misleading information on this form will disqualify you from appointment, or if appointed, will render you liable to dismissal without notice.

  • Please ensure that this form is returned by the closing date to ensure consideration.

  • All offers of appointment will be subject to references satisfactory to us, proof of qualifications if required and evidence of medical fitness. Candidates invited for interview will be asked to complete a detailed medical statement and may be required to undergo a medical examination.

  • The appointment of applicants not currently employed by the District Council will also be subject to a probationary period (except for existing local government officers).

  • Copies of references and qualification certificates should not be enclosed with this application.

  • Pre-prepared curriculum vitae will not be accepted, either in full or in part, with this application

  • Look carefully at the job description - ask yourself why you are interested in the job.

  • Look carefully through the person specification. This document will be used throughout the selection procedure.

  • You will need to demonstrate that you have the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to do the job. Please note, you will not be short-listed unless you meet all the essential criteria listed in the person specification. It will not be sufficient simply to state that you fulfill certain criteria and unsupported statements will not be accepted. You should describe how you meet the person specification, giving examples.

  • The short-listing panel will be looking for evidence which illustrates relevant skills, knowledge and experience.

  • In pursuing our obligations under the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, we will assess applicants’ merits as they would be after any reasonable adjustments had been made. Therefore, all applicants invited to interview will be asked a question at interview about any adjustments that would enable them better to do the job.

  • Think about your experience.
    (a) How can you show that you have the skills, knowledge and experience necessary?

    (b) Explaining your past and present jobs or interests to someone else may help you to uncover hidden skills that you take for granted.

    (c) Remember that unpaid voluntary work and work at home can be just as relevant as paid work.

    (d) When you make your case for the job make sure your application relates to the job you are applying for. Don’t copy the same one for a series of jobs.

  • Do a rough draft first.
    (a) Write the form out in draft to avoid mistakes and repetitions.

    (b) Check that all the dates are correct and in the right order.

  • Complete the form.

  • You must use the spaces provided on the form for your work history. Do not send it separately.

Explanatory note on Ethnic Origin

African Persons born in, or whose recent forebears were born in Africa. This category is not intended to include Caribbean’s who may identify their origins as African.

Caribbean Persons born in or whose recent forebears come from African or Caribbean Islands.

Asian Persons born in, or whose recent forebears were born in, the Indian sub-continent.

White British If either you or your recent forebears come from England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

Other named categories If either you or your recent forebears come from one of the listed countries.

If you would like any help with filling in the form or if you have any special requirements which may make the process easier please contact a member of the Human Resources Team on telephone 01246 217012.


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