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Economy, Transport and Environment


Grade 4


Planning and Environment

Job Ref: DCC/12/2196
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Sales/Information Assistant

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Accountable To

Assistant Area Manager

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Duties and Responsibilities - Specific

To staff the information centre during the prescribed hours, including unlocking and locking of the premises, where necessary.
To assist and advise the public using the centre or enquiring by telephone or by post, including assisting with organising information resources for use by all staff.
To sell books, pamphlets and other items, including the handling of money and operation of the till.
To cash up takings at the end of the day and complete the appropriate records.
As far as practicable to keep a record of the numbers of visitors using the centre.
To ensure that stock is displayed to good advantage, to monitor stock levels of sales goods and free pamphlets, to liaise with the Head Ranger and other Countryside Service staff over the re-ordering of existing and new stock items, and to assist with stock taking as required.
To complete records of sales at the end of each day.
To support and to respond to calls from rangers on site.
To be conversant with leisure facilities managed by the Environmental Services Department and to promote their use, and to be familiar with other facilities and attractions in the area.
To assist in the preparation and maintenance of exhibitions and information material at the centre, if required.
To undertake clerical work and word processing duties if required.
To carry out any reasonable duties within the overall function commensurate with the grading and level of responsibility of the job.
To undertake any training necessary associated with the post.
To ensure that all the above duties are carried out in accordance with the County Council's Equal Opportunities Policy.
To undertake the above tasks using new technology as appropriate at a level commensurate with the grading of the post.
To give due regard to the County Council's Environmental policies.

Duties and Responsibilities - General

To adhere to existing working practices, methods, procedures, undertake relevant training and development activities and to respond positively to new and alternative systems.
It will be necessary to work with information technology and associated systems in accordance with County Council policies.
To co-operate with the council in complying with relevant health and safety legislation, policies and procedures in the performance of the duties of the post.
To carry out the duties and responsibilities of the post in compliance with the County Council's equal opportunities policies.
To maintain confidentiality and observe data protection and associated guidelines where appropriate.
To understand and comply with the County Council's environmental policies.
To carry out any other reasonable duties and responsibilities within the overall function, commensurate with the grading and level of responsibilities of the post.

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