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Education Welfare Services

Job Ref: DCC/09/4617
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Education Welfare Officer

Purpose of the Post

To provide an education welfare service for children, their families and schools. To work in designated schools and normal areas in order to ensure, in conjunction with others, that children receive education appropriate to their needs by regular attendance at school or otherwise. To assist them to obtain maximum benefit from this education; AND to be involved in the development of the service and staff.

Accountable To

Area Manager – Education Welfare Service and Deputy Area Manager - Education Welfare Service

Supervisory Responsibilities


Duties and Responsibilities - Specific

To act as children’s education advocate and to facilitate the educational partnership between home, school, community and Local Authority, by support, liaison and negotiation; and where conflict arises to give paramount consideration to the interests of the child.
To take supportive/remedial action in respect of individual absentees to secure their regular attendance at school or other education provision.
To take statutory action over non-attendance cases when necessary, including presentation of cases in court, under the Education Act 1996 and the Children Act 1989; and to be the designated supervisor for Education Supervision Orders.
To advise and support schools in the implementation of School Attendance Regulations and in the use of attendance statistics for the monitoring and management of school attendance.
To take supportive/remedial action in respect of children with socially-related emotional/behavioural difficulties in school and those with special educational needs; and to provide advice and assistance for parents, carers and pupils in all matters related to exclusions from school.
To visit schools regularly and provide guidance and support to staff, parents, carers and pupils in accordance with service agreements negotiated with the school.
To contribute pro-actively and with a preventative emphasis to relevant areas of school policy and planning including the development of a whole school attendance policy and liaison with governors as appropriate.
To invoke and participate in child protection procedures, as appropriate, including making education social work contribution to design and implementation of child protection plans; to provide child protection advice, information and support to school staff.
To make referral to, to liaise and collaborate in joint work with other practitioners, educational colleagues, local agencies and community groups in relation both to individual cases and aspects of children’s general welfare.
To provide advice and support to parents, schools and children on welfare matters, and to mobilise financial and other material resources from voluntary and statutory sources where required to further educational opportunities.
To submit invoices for purchase of materials and small equipment and to claim reimbursement from Area Office petty cash, as necessary.
To implement aspects of the legislation governing the employment of children and children in entertainment.
To initiate developments and acquire knowledge/expertise in agreed specialist area(s) of education social work practice and to establish associated Area databases.
To provide consultation and contribute to training for other Education Welfare Service staff and for student/staff on placement from other agencies.
To supervise, assess and evaluate social work and other students on placement in the service, as required.
To maintain appropriate records, prepare assessments and reports; and provide statistics as required.
To assist schools, parents and carers in applying for places on the Derbyshire Education Leisure Time Activities Scheme and supporting pupils places on the Scheme.
The post holder will carry out any other reasonable duties within the overall function commensurate with the grading and level of responsibilities of the post.

Duties and Responsibilities - General

To adhere to existing working practices, methods, procedures, undertake relevant training and development activities and to respond positively to new and alternative systems.
It will be necessary to work with information technology and associated systems in accordance with County Council policies.
To co-operate with the council in complying with relevant health and safety legislation, policies and procedures in the performance of the duties of the post.
To carry out the duties and responsibilities of the post in compliance with the County Council's equal opportunities policies.
To maintain confidentiality and observe data protection and associated guidelines where appropriate.
To understand and comply with the County Council's environmental policies.
To carry out any other reasonable duties and responsibilities within the overall function, commensurate with the grading and level of responsibilities of the post.

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