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Children & Family Services - Family Support

Job Ref: DCC/09/4470
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Family Resource Worker

Purpose of the Post

To work as a member of the team to provide a support service, at agreed times, to meet the needs of children, young people and their families, to prevent young people being accommodated in the care of the local authority. To work with schools in helping students achieve their full potential and avoid the risk of fixed term exclusions. Work as a member of a school based extended team which will offer additional support for vulnerable and at risk children, in conjunction with a wide range of statutory and voluntary agencies.

Accountable To

Multi Agency Team Manager

Supervisory Responsibilities


Duties and Responsibilities - Specific

To provide a supportive service to families, children or young people allocated to you in a sensitive manner that reflects the Authority's Equal Opportunities Policy.
To work with schools, children’s centres and a wide range of support services in providing a comprehensive programme of support.
To operate a mobile flexible service necessitating staff to carry out planned early morning, evening and weekend duties as identified in support plans.
Work with nominated members of staff and services in the identification of vulnerable students in planning and providing a coordinated support programme.
Encourage active participation of children/parents/carers with other professional staff who are providing support.
Attend locality meetings with the identified management group. To agree, monitor and review support plans for families.
To plan and lead mentoring support programmes to groups of children/students.
Signpost and support families to appropriate community resources.
Work in partnership and develop links with education and social care services.
To liaise and work with a wide range of statutory and voluntary agencies.
Maintain individual records, logs, assessment plans and outcome reports within an agreed management system.
Contribute to the development of services through innovative ideas and sharing examples of good practice.
Participate in formal supervision and undertake appropriate training as identified.

Duties and Responsibilities - General

To adhere to existing working practices, methods, procedures, undertake relevant training and development activities and to respond positively to new and alternative systems.
It will be necessary to work with information technology and associated systems in accordance with County Council policies.
To co-operate with the council in complying with relevant health and safety legislation, policies and procedures in the performance of the duties of the post.
To carry out the duties and responsibilities of the post in compliance with the County Council's equal opportunities policies.
To maintain confidentiality and observe data protection and associated guidelines where appropriate.
To understand and comply with the County Council's environmental policies.
To carry out any other reasonable duties and responsibilities within the overall function, commensurate with the grading and level of responsibilities of the post.

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