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Job Ref: DCC/08/0105
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Care Assistant - Activity Coordinator

Purpose of the Post

To give personal care to the service users of the Home and for contributing to the provision of a comfortable yet stimulating living environment. To attend to the needs of service users and ensure their well-being and safety during the day.

Accountable To

To the Unit Manager for the overall performance of duties. To the Senior Officer rostered for duty on a day to day basis.

Supervisory Responsibilities


Duties and Responsibilities - Specific

To acquaint oneself immediately upon coming on duty with the relevant events relating to service users, staff, premises and equipment which have occurred since previously on duty, by reading and signing the report book and reporting to the Senior Officer on duty. To report to the Senior Officer on duty before leaving the establishment after a period of duty is completed and to brief them on any particular issues concerning the service users and any problems in general.
To undertake the full range of caring duties in accordance with the duties of Care Assistants and in accordance with the National Care Standards and Regulations.
To encourage service users to maintain maximum independence, taking into account any physical/mental disabilities and to stimulate their participation in the running of the Home and the purposeful use of time. Despite any loss of function or capacity, service users are adults and must be treated with dignity and respect.
To undertake such personal and intimate duties as may be required for individual service users in the Home such as putting to bed at night, getting up in the morning, bathing, toileting, assisting with dressing/undressing, personal cleanliness and appearance. This personal care may also involve the removal and hygienic disposal of soiled clothing, the management of incontinence wear, aids and similar items. Whilst Care Assistants should not undertake any function which requires a nursing qualification they can carry out duties, after training such as simple dressings and treatments, the use of appropriate aids and other similar activities. Administration of medication should be undertaken by the designated officer in compliance with the Medicines Policy.
To escort and assist service users, as required, in and around the Home, eg to and from the dining room, bedrooms, toilets, etc. It will also be necessary from time to time to escort service users to obtain services not available in the Home, for example hospital visits.
To encourage social interactions between service users and enable them to make use of any available recreational facilities.
To provide support and guidance to colleagues in fulfilling the duties of their posts as required by National Standards and Regulations
Where applicable to participate in staff meetings, attend supervision sessions and where possible to attend reviews and to assist in implementing recommendations as they relate to individual service users and to the group as a whole.
To assist with the preparation of simple refreshments, light meals, clearing and washing up of crockery for service users at times when cooking staff are not rostered for duty.
To carry out all required safety precautions, fire drills and personal and food hygiene practices, after receiving appropriate instructions and training.
To assist in the care of personal clothing and general linen by laundering, pressing, cleaning and repairing.
To assist with the laying of tables and the serving of meals to service users and to help the more dependant service users at meal times, eg feeding.
To encourage community involvement and interaction.
To undertake all relevant duties on behalf of day care attenders at the home.
OTHER REQUIREMENTS -The duties of Care Assistants are defined generally in Section 3N, paragraph 3 of the East Midlands Provincial Council for Local Authorities; Manual Employees, a copy of which is available at your place of employment. Care Assistants will be required to undertake and attain successful completion of National Induction and Foundation Standards (T.O.P.SS) and to actively engage in other relevant training and qualifications identified as pertinent to the post, eg a National Vocational Qualification. This will include attendance at all mandatory training eg First Aid etc. Care Assistants work as part of a team whose aim is to promote the general well-being of service users. This will require working on a rota basis, including work at weekends and on public holidays. Care Assistants are required to maintain confidentiality at all times and not become involved in the private legal and financial affairs of service users.

Duties and Responsibilities - General

To adhere to existing working practices, methods, procedures, undertake relevant training and development activities and to respond positively to new and alternative systems.
It will be necessary to work with information technology and associated systems in accordance with County Council policies.
To co-operate with the council in complying with relevant health and safety legislation, policies and procedures in the performance of the duties of the post.
To carry out the duties and responsibilities of the post in compliance with the County Council's equal opportunities policies.
To maintain confidentiality and observe data protection and associated guidelines where appropriate.
To understand and comply with the County Council's environmental policies.
To carry out any other reasonable duties and responsibilities within the overall function, commensurate with the grading and level of responsibilities of the post.

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