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SCP 20- 36 ( Qualification bars at 27 & 32)


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Job Ref: DCC/06/3469
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Night Supervisor/Residential Social Care Worker Childrens Homes/Outreach Worker

Purpose of the Post

To provide a service to Children within the service area in accordance with legislative and policy requirements.

Accountable To

Unit Manager

Supervisory Responsibilities


Duties and Responsibilities - Specific

The Residential Childrens' Worker (RCW) will work as a member of a staff team accountable to the Unit Manager and will undertake a range of duties associated with the provision of care and support and other services to young people and their families who comprise the workload of the centre.
He / She will be required to work within the objectives and policies of the Derbyshire County Council and its Social Services Committee and will be supervised by the Unit Manager or Deputy Unit Manager.
Within a prescribed working week and with agreement, he / she will follow a flexible working pattern in accordance with management and service requirements; this will include sleeping-in duties at the centre or elsewhere if necessary. Where required the RCW may provide services exclusively to a single child or young person and his / her family including working in the family home
A high level of flexibility will be necessary to provide a comprehensive and responsive service that is sensitive to the individual needs of children, young people and their families; this will require the provision of a wide range of experiences on an individual or group basis, including occupational, social, cultural and recreational activities, advice guidance or counselling in accordance with local demand.
The ethos of the service will be child/young person centred and based upon a commitment to achieve working partnerships with them and their families or carers and to work in close collaboration with colleagues from other settings and agencies. The style of service will aim to support parents / carers in the exercise of their parental responsibilities, encourage children and young persons to develop a matutre understanding of their situation and to learn to exercise personal responsibility and choice in their lives. On occasions the Unit will be required to provide a safe environment for young people who are in need of protection or who exhibit challenging behaviours.
In relation to young people who are resident at the home or who are receiving services, due consideration must be given to their religious persuasion, racial origin, cultural and linguistic background
MAIN DUTIES The Residential Children's Worker will be expected to participate in the provision of the full range of services provided both at the Centre and in the community; he / she will be responsible for:
Accepting a personal responsibility for implementing positively the policies of Equal Opportunities and Race Relations and for anti-oppressive care practices.
Contributing to the provision of a planned and stimulating environment which reflects positively the diverse racial and cultural nature of society and provides for assessment, care and control and for the physical and emotional well-being of children and young people who are resident or who receive services from the Home. Similar high standards of service are required in relation to work with children, young people and their families living in the community
Participating in the assessment of service users and providing services in accordance with an agreed written plan which is reviewed at regular intervals
Familiarising him / herself with policy and procedural requirements relevant to the performance of his / her duties.
Maintaining such user, financial, fire precaution, health and safety and other records as are required by the Unit Manager.
Contributing towards the maintenance of the fabric of the Home and ensuring that its grounds and equipment are in a safe and satisfactory condition.
Maintenance of good public relations and ensuring that the County Council's complaints procedures are carried out effectively.
Promoting positive health care programmes including anti-smoking practices and upholding the rights of staff and service users to live and work in a smoke-free environment.
Participating in the provision of care and maintenance of services to young persons who may be suffering from HIV infection.
Compliance with legislation, policies and procedures in relation to child care, health and safety, equal opportunities, staffing / employment, medication, and other such matters as notified from time to time
RCW's have a showed responsibility to ensure that adequate planning and preparation is in place for each shift.
To provide support and guidance to colleagues in fulfilling the duties of their posts as required by National Standards
To undertake and attain successful completion of National Induction and Foundation Standards and to actively engage in other relevant training and qualifications identified as pertinent to the post, eg a National Vocational Qualification.
Providing written reports as required.
Carrying a caseload of individual young people and their families and working in collaboration with other workers to meet their neds.
Additional Duties (RCWs progressed beyond responsiblity bar at SCP 32 only)
Supervising students and assisting in the induction and post-appointment assessment of new staff members as required, in accordance with agreed procedures.
Assisting with the processes of recruitment of new staff members and training of foster carers, independent visitors or volunteers as required.
The shift Leader will be required to deputise on occasions for the Manager and deputy/deputies and will be expected to participate in the provision of the full range of management and supervisory duties and the provision of services both in the home and in the community
Contributing to training strategies which reflect the objectives and targets of the service and which promote and maintain a learning environment within the workplace. Undertaking essential training to fulfil this.**
Deveoping and maintaining links with statutory, voluntary and community based organisations.
Representing the Unit or the service in planning and other such meetings as required.
** Essential training includes: NVQ Accredited Assessor units (D32 and D33) NVQ Internal verifiers Unit (D34) PQ Practice Teachers Award Other PQ Awards as appropriate Certificate in Social Services Management

Duties and Responsibilities - General

To adhere to existing working practices, methods, procedures, undertake relevant training and development activities and to respond positively to new and alternative systems.
It will be necessary to work with information technology and associated systems in accordance with County Council policies.
To co-operate with the council in complying with relevant health and safety legislation, policies and procedures in the performance of the duties of the post.
To carry out the duties and responsibilities of the post in compliance with the County Council's equal opportunities policies.
To maintain confidentiality and observe data protection and associated guidelines where appropriate.
To understand and comply with the County Council's environmental policies.
To carry out any other reasonable duties and responsibilities within the overall function, commensurate with the grading and level of responsibilities of the post.

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